About Brenna


Brenna was introduced to calligraphy many years ago when she was in middle school, which began a lifelong passion for hand-lettering.  Brenna lives and works in Duluth Minnesota, with her husband and three children. Besides her passion for calligraphy, she also loves to read, cross-country ski, run, hike and take trips into the Boundary Waters. She credits her time in nature as providing much inspiration and joy for her work as a lettering artist.

Brenna has taught community education classes in her hometown, as well as private instructions, and also worked in schools introducing children to the art of calligraphy.

Brenna would love to bring the unique beauty of calligraphy into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Please contact her for your next special event, project, business need or gift. She enjoys creating calligraphy on paper, birch bark, rock, walls, signs….anything that can use ink or paint. She has discovered that in this age of technology, people still crave the human touch, the time invested, and the personalized thought that moves to a slower rhythm.

“I love when I show people the finished product of calligraphy and see their faces light up,” she says. “The work is always personal, created uniquely for my clients with love, attention to detail, and a desire to surpass their expectations.  In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, I think it means even more to people to surround themselves with items that are hand-crafted.  Calligraphy is my favorite art form because it is functional beauty.  We need language–why not make it stunning and memorable?”

Brenna is a member of The Colleagues of Calligraphy in Minneapolis, and IAMPETH, an international lettering organization. She attends annual conferences to study with master calligraphers, as well as many workshops and events in order to provide a wide variety of styles and services to her clients.